Derren Brown Predicting The Roulette Wheel

Derren Brown is a well known hypnotist from the UK and has been the centre of many TV shows including his own self titled show on Channel 4. This will be the first of several of his clips that I will be sharing and in it he is trying to predict a roulette wheel and win £175000 from a single bet.

I remember watching this entire episode a few years ago but I can’t find it so the clip below will have to do. At the beginning of the episode which you won’t see in the clip below, Derren hypnotised someone in the streets and convinced them to go and withdraw £5000 from their bank so that he could go and bet it all on a roulette wheel.

The man was then awoken from his hypnotic state and had no recollection of withdrawing his money. When you watch the clip below, this is the man that you see watching the events in the casino unfold on a monitor.

So Derren boldly approaches a roulette table with a hidden camera in his tie and his goal is to predict where the ball will land using his mind to study the speed of the wheel. He then places a bet of £5000 on that number and if he’s right, the man who had his money “stolen” will win £175000.

I won’t spoil what the outcome is, you can watch it below for yourself to see what happens. I know I usually post about poker and card tricks, but this is very impressive and roulette is after all a casino game, it’s all related and I thought this would be a good way to lead into the card tricks from Derren that I shall post about at a later date. If you are unfamiliar with what roulette is, you can learn about here –

Card Shuffling Magic And Chip Trickery

The video I want to share today is not very popular for some reason. It was uploaded to YouTube back in 2009 and it’s only managed to get 4000 views which is odd because the skills and tricks on show are really good. They are so good that I can’t help wonder if the video is fake because you can’t tell what he’s doing in the chip tricks that you will see. I’ve seen much worse videos with a lot more views and attention.

He starts out by doing some card tricks and then he moves on to the tricks with the poker chips. There’s a small audience around the table but they don’t seem to react too much to the tricks, especially with the cards at the beginning so they could be described as a tough crowd.

In the first trick, he shuffles the cards and then splits the deck but only half way, so the cards are overlapping each other and he then does something called the Pharaoh Shuffle and with 4 flicks of the wrist, the four aces fall out of the pack.

Next up is a series of tricks where the cards are shuffled and then the Aces are revealed in different ways, all of which are impressive and must of taken years of practice.

It’s the tricks with the poker chips which are the best, which he describes in the video as checks. Firstly he has 3 chips, two in one hand and one in the other, he then magically gets one chip to go from one hand to the other and you can’t tell how it’s being done.

Next up is even more spooky, four chips are put on the table and he puts one hand on top of the chips and another hand under the table, He then pulls a chip from under the table and there’s one less on top of it. He repeats this until there aren’t any chips left on top of the table.

He could well have a stash of chips under the table or on his lap that enables him to pull chips back up, but that doesn’t explain how the disappear in the first place. From watching the video you can’t tell how it’s being done.

In his next trick, he has different colored chips in his hand which he shows to the people sat around the table and several times he puts one or two into his pocket very obviously, asks which color remains in his hand but it’s always a different color.

Finally, he demonstrates how he can flip chips in his hand from back to front, the same way that the bad guy from Casino Royale does it. Enjoy.

Magic Poker Tricks By Steven Bridges

Today I am going to share not one but two videos by a magician from the UK called Steven Bridges. The first one is a classic poker trick where he is sat at a poker table with three other players.

He deals the cards to each player including himself and then each player reveals their best poker hand to the player. The deck is then shuffled several times and each player is given the exact same hand again, apart from Steven himself, who somehow manages to get a royal flush which is the best poker hand. Here it is

The second video is the old fashioned ripping a card and putting it back together. If you don’t know want to know how this trick works, skip down to the video now. According to other YouTube videos, this trick is performed by having one card stuck to the back of the card you are ripping.

Then when you fold the card and rip it, you are keeping the card everyone know about folded while ripping the card nobody knows about. Whether or not Steven performs the trick in this way or has his own method is very difficult to say seen as how well he performs it, here is the video.

These are by no means his only magic tricks. He has a very popular YouTube and he’s featured on several TV channels. You can find out more about him and watch more of his videos on his website at

First Post – One Of My Favorite Card Videos

I thought I would share one of my favorite card trick videos in my first post which has been done by a professional magician. What you are going to see in the video below is some serious card work and trickery.

He starts by showing you the cards in perfect numerical order, including in order of suit as well. He then shuffles them numerous times, then spreads them and they are still in perfect order.

You will then watch him shuffle the deck to reveal the top 4 cards which are all Aces and he does this several times. Then it’s time for a card dealing trick, you definitely wouldn’t want to play a game of poker with this guy!

He shows you that an Ace is on the top of the deck and he starts dealing cards, then he stops to show you that the Ace is still on top. He then flips it over so you can actually see it on top of the pile, and he continues dealing while leaving the Ace on top and you cannot tell how it’s being done.

His next trick is taking the deck of cards and you are shown that the 4 Aces are right at the bottom. The deck is then split in half, and the half with the Aces at the bottom is put on top of the other half, so you would assume that the Aces are now in the middle. However they are still at the bottom and you are left scratching your head wondering how it was done.

Next he deals the cards like a game of blackjack with 4 different players plus him as the dealer. The cards are shuffled but in his hand he gets two Aces. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he then does the same but with all 4 Aces.

There’s more in there as well, it really is an impressive demonstration and one of my favourites which is why I decided to share it in my first post.