Card Shuffling Magic And Chip Trickery

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The video I want to share today is not very popular for some reason. It was uploaded to YouTube back in 2009 and it’s only managed to get 4000 views which is odd because the skills and tricks on show are really good. They are so good that I can’t help wonder if the video is fake because you can’t tell what he’s doing in the chip tricks that you will see. I’ve seen much worse videos with a lot more views and attention.

He starts out by doing some card tricks and then he moves on to the tricks with the poker chips. There’s a small audience around the table but they don’t seem to react too much to the tricks, especially with the cards at the beginning so they could be described as a tough crowd.

In the first trick, he shuffles the cards and then splits the deck but only half way, so the cards are overlapping each other and he then does something called the Pharaoh Shuffle and with 4 flicks of the wrist, the four aces fall out of the pack.

Next up is a series of tricks where the cards are shuffled and then the Aces are revealed in different ways, all of which are impressive and must of taken years of practice.

It’s the tricks with the poker chips which are the best, which he describes in the video as checks. Firstly he has 3 chips, two in one hand and one in the other, he then magically gets one chip to go from one hand to the other and you can’t tell how it’s being done.

Next up is even more spooky, four chips are put on the table and he puts one hand on top of the chips and another hand under the table, He then pulls a chip from under the table and there’s one less on top of it. He repeats this until there aren’t any chips left on top of the table.

He could well have a stash of chips under the table or on his lap that enables him to pull chips back up, but that doesn’t explain how the disappear in the first place. From watching the video you can’t tell how it’s being done.

In his next trick, he has different colored chips in his hand which he shows to the people sat around the table and several times he puts one or two into his pocket very obviously, asks which color remains in his hand but it’s always a different color.

Finally, he demonstrates how he can flip chips in his hand from back to front, the same way that the bad guy from Casino Royale does it. Enjoy.

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