Derren Brown Tricking Stephen Fry With Card Trick

This is another impressive video from Derren Brown and after watching it you can’t help wonder if it’s fake because you are left with no idea how it all happened. To begin with, you will notice that a large emphasis is placed on Stephen Fry lighting a cigarette and then later, Derren.

20 years ago nothing would of been out of the norm but smoking in the workplace is for the most part banned on UK TV and for someone to just light up out of the blue, it never happens any more, so to begin with this looks odd but it makes sense at the end of the video.

So Derren spreads a deck of cards across the table and tells Stephen to think of one of them in his head. He then tells Stephen to continually say which card he has picked in his head but not to say it out loud.

Derren then “reads his mind” pretty much instantly and says which card he has thought of, to which Stephen is left confused. Here’s where it gets really confusing, Derren also lights a cigarette and tells Stephen that he doesn’t think the card he’s chosen was actually in the deck and he spreads them out once more.

On closer inspection we see that Derren is not actually smoking a cigarette at all, it is the card that Stephen picked in the first place. It’s a great video and if it is legit, in other words Stephen wasn’t in on it and wasn’t playing along, then it’s an incredible trick.

Derren Brown Predicting The Roulette Wheel

Derren Brown is a well known hypnotist from the UK and has been the centre of many TV shows including his own self titled show on Channel 4. This will be the first of several of his clips that I will be sharing and in it he is trying to predict a roulette wheel and win £175000 from a single bet.

I remember watching this entire episode a few years ago but I can’t find it so the clip below will have to do. At the beginning of the episode which you won’t see in the clip below, Derren hypnotised someone in the streets and convinced them to go and withdraw £5000 from their bank so that he could go and bet it all on a roulette wheel.

The man was then awoken from his hypnotic state and had no recollection of withdrawing his money. When you watch the clip below, this is the man that you see watching the events in the casino unfold on a monitor.

So Derren boldly approaches a roulette table with a hidden camera in his tie and his goal is to predict where the ball will land using his mind to study the speed of the wheel. He then places a bet of £5000 on that number and if he’s right, the man who had his money “stolen” will win £175000.

I won’t spoil what the outcome is, you can watch it below for yourself to see what happens. I know I usually post about poker and card tricks, but this is very impressive and roulette is after all a casino game, it’s all related and I thought this would be a good way to lead into the card tricks from Derren that I shall post about at a later date. If you are unfamiliar with what roulette is, you can learn about here –