Magic Poker Tricks By Steven Bridges

Today I am going to share not one but two videos by a magician from the UK called Steven Bridges. The first one is a classic poker trick where he is sat at a poker table with three other players.

He deals the cards to each player including himself and then each player reveals their best poker hand to the player. The deck is then shuffled several times and each player is given the exact same hand again, apart from Steven himself, who somehow manages to get a royal flush which is the best poker hand. Here it is

The second video is the old fashioned ripping a card and putting it back together. If you don’t know want to know how this trick works, skip down to the video now. According to other YouTube videos, this trick is performed by having one card stuck to the back of the card you are ripping.

Then when you fold the card and rip it, you are keeping the card everyone know about folded while ripping the card nobody knows about. Whether or not Steven performs the trick in this way or has his own method is very difficult to say seen as how well he performs it, here is the video.

These are by no means his only magic tricks. He has a very popular YouTube and he’s featured on several TV channels. You can find out more about him and watch more of his videos on his website at

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