First Post – One Of My Favorite Card Videos

I thought I would share one of my favorite card trick videos in my first post which has been done by a professional magician. What you are going to see in the video below is some serious card work and trickery.

He starts by showing you the cards in perfect numerical order, including in order of suit as well. He then shuffles them numerous times, then spreads them and they are still in perfect order.

You will then watch him shuffle the deck to reveal the top 4 cards which are all Aces and he does this several times. Then it’s time for a card dealing trick, you definitely wouldn’t want to play a game of poker with this guy!

He shows you that an Ace is on the top of the deck and he starts dealing cards, then he stops to show you that the Ace is still on top. He then flips it over so you can actually see it on top of the pile, and he continues dealing while leaving the Ace on top and you cannot tell how it’s being done.

His next trick is taking the deck of cards and you are shown that the 4 Aces are right at the bottom. The deck is then split in half, and the half with the Aces at the bottom is put on top of the other half, so you would assume that the Aces are now in the middle. However they are still at the bottom and you are left scratching your head wondering how it was done.

Next he deals the cards like a game of blackjack with 4 different players plus him as the dealer. The cards are shuffled but in his hand he gets two Aces. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he then does the same but with all 4 Aces.

There’s more in there as well, it really is an impressive demonstration and one of my favourites which is why I decided to share it in my first post.

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